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"Food Correspondences" is a videographic correspondence with Nora Wagner, in collaboration with Gustavo Guimaraes. The work was exhibited at neimënster Cultural Center in Luxembourg  from 1st to 30th of October, 2020.

"We are living in a transition time. Everything is in a big transition since ever, we just perceive it now under different lenses. But the biggest transition of this time is the fact that this invisible force that changed our lives this year, has affected many of us in the deepest ways. We know now that we don’t have time for any project, or work, that is not mindful and meaningful. We find ourselves in the center of the seed. I like the german word "Kern" better in that case, as it can be used for food, but also to refer to the "core".


I looked inside me, inside my center. There is a seed growing in my womb. When I first knew about it, it was the size of a lentil. What a miracle is life. 

A seed contains all information from the past.

From millions of years back.

Seeds are the hope for our future.

From one seed, many seeds will grow.

Now my baby is the size of a grape.

I wonder what is inside of it.

I wonder when we have lost the connection to nature.


Look at a mirror.

You are a seed too.

What do you see inside?

What are the seeds you are planting for our future?" 

- Taina Guedes

Are we there yet_Episode n2 (5).JPG
Are we there yet_Episode n2 (4).JPG

Photos: Nora Wagner

"Food Correspondences is also “a display of gratitude to the universe for blessing” her and her partner, Gustavo Guimaraes, with their recent pregnancy. “It is our way to venerate the beauty and magic of conception, the continuity of life and our love and hope for the future.” Affectionately referring to their unborn child as a seed, the two follow the development of the fetus, comparing it seeds of fruits and vegetables."



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With Gustavo Guimaraes and Tainá Guedes

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