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When I first started helping this project, in 2018, the clinic had its first stones and a structure for the door was visible.

I support the construction of this clinic in Himalayas Mountains because I truly believe in the importance of bringing health care for people living in remote regions. Big associations and NGOs have the means to collect donations, while Pema Gyalpo Lama not. So I see as a very important step for modern global citizens to be supportive for those dedicating their lives to give better life to others.

The clinic has many great supporters such as Dr. Karin Giersig and her clinic team, Patrick Liebl @301words and Compass Salon Community, Gustavo Guimaraes, @ceeceeberlin Antonio Rilling @barkinkitchen and Team, Mirjam Grupp @_bymirjam Karinna Coelho Barlow @karinnabarlow @foodartweek team and volunteers, artists and so many others!


As you see on the latest photos, the clinic structure is almost done, and the beds are on the making.

Around 13% of the world’s population lives in the mountains. Mountains are home for indigenous and local populations that have unique and valuable knowledge, traditions, and cultural practices vital for a food secure world. Mountains are more important than we can imagine.

It is possible to make your donation and show your support for this community, help them keep existing, with health and dignity, from up to 1€, through this website:

Pema has been working bringing health care to remote regions in the Himalayas Mountains since he is teenager, and has started to build up this clinic at Nubri Valley, 3.500m high, 8 days walk from Kathmandu without any financial support. I recently sent some warm clothes for kids, as up in the mountains is always cold. Every contribution counts.


Visit the Website and Facebook of the clinic.

Thank you everyone who has helped donating or working on this.

May all beings be happy and free of suffering.

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