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Time to plant ourselves back into nature!
Many of the problems we have created, such as climate change and environmental degradation, started once upon a time, when we separated ourselves from nature and from one another. It is time to change that. 


For many years we have been only taking from nature. Soils, specially on the cities are poor, and in need for good food. A seed can’t grow without a nutritious soil. Without seeds there is no food, there is no life.

Who didn‘t buy grapes without seeds, and was even happy about it? Or maybe not even think about it, because anyways aren’t they all look the same? There are so many things we have been doing, and not really conscious about the consequences of our acts on our own health, nature, people‘s and animal‘s lives. And that‘s ok, don’t be ashamed, because we will always have the choice to change that. The decisions we make every minute defines who we are, right? I have learned and I am constantly training to stop doing things that can be somehow harmful. Because we are all connected, your, her, his, its, their happiness is also mine.

I have learned about the importance of seeds from many different perspectives, and they are all connected. From life in Earth, the preservation of  the bio-diversity, to our health. Doctors we should eat the seeds so the digestion and good health effects of the fruit on our organism will be more efficient. And besides the fact that grapes without seeds are genetic modiefied, and you don‘t want to support that, you should be only buying grapes with seeds!

I have been researching seeds, talking to organic farmers, to organic seed producers, seed banks, environmentalists, and seed's specialists. Follow my journey on my Instagram @tataisgram

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