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Every bottle drop counts.

Part of life, our “Lebensmittel” (food in German) is born in a greenhouse. So the greenhouses symbolizes what, in my feeling, needs to be plant in our cities: awareness, education, solidarity, love, organic food, green, light, hope, collective work, and togetherness. 


I occupied a public space in Berlin across UdK (Universityof Art) for a month with 4 greenhouses that educated people on how our food production impacts water.

There is something lovely about working in a public space, besides all challenges, which is to meet wonderful people, that otherwise I would never meet. One of the person that moves my heart is Wolfgang. He lives at Steinplatz, and is an environmentalist. He told me that the greenhouses were not an art installation, but a school. I like to look at them in this way. 

Thank you Oliver Schruoffeneger and Lidia Perico and everyone at Stabsstelle Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung, and Olaf Möller for supporting this idea. Thank you @bsr_berlinerstadtreinigung @speisegut @bleibtnatuerlich @herbariumleipzig @srzrdgz @nuhasaegh @giogiovanni____ and students of @udkberlin for the awesome work together!

Photos by Rose Merriman and Marina Belikova - thank you girls, you rocked!!! 


#foodartweek #faw2019 #water #waterconservationproject #greenlightforlife

In one of the houses, people could interact and leave a message on how to preserve water. The messages were "planted" in a bottle. It was a way for the hundreds of visitors to help raising awareness about the importance of each of us to contribute for the existence of life in this planet. 

Plan for approval-1.jpg

This artwork was possible due to the partnership with Oliver Schruoffeneger and Lidia Perico of the Stabsstelle Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Kindly supported by VITAVIA

One of the houses were made in collaboration with BSR, Berliner Stadtreinigung

One of the houses were made in collaboration with Speisegut, solidarity agriculture

Glass water bottles kindly provided by Bio Water Company, RHEINSBERGER PREUSSENQUELLE

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