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In this book, Tainá Guedes shows in 50 recipes what cooking mindfully means, what mottainai means to her and how she combines this idea with her own ideas of healthy, contemporary and happy cuisine: In ten chapters with poetic photos and illustrations, she takes us along on an inspiring and very personal journey through her kitchen universe, in which conscious nutrition and creativity, health and delicious food do not stand in the way, but complement each other beautifully.

Kochen mit Brot

Have you ever thrown away bread? In Germany alone, 500,000 tons are “disposed of” as surplus, so to speak, every year. There are so many wonderful, diverse ways to use leftover, stale bread.


Tainá Guedes gives a creative, fun and tasty insight into how wonderfully varied the world of bread reuse is, which encourages you to imitate it. Be inspired by Tainá's recipes: whether in starters, salads, soups, main courses or desserts - there are no limits to the culinary delights of bread. Once you try the dishes in this lovingly designed bread cookbook, you'll never think about throwing away your bread again!

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